Art Taipei 2017

ART TAIPEI, Taipei World Trade Center, Taiwan
October 20th – 23rd 2017
RW.26 – RW.30
Words: Peter Weibel
Taipei World Trade Center, Taiwan / ART TAIPEI GLOBAL PUBLICS exhibition deals with ideas of universalism and the globalisation of art practice. The Taipei Artist Village was the first roof in the work serial. At ART TAIPEI the cinematic documentation, the single letters and the aerial photographs of the individual scenes are displayed on a 20 m long wall. The statement of REMOTEWORDS for Art Taipei is curated by Annie Ivanova.

REMOTEWORDS presents a photographic and videographic documentation of the global art project ONE EARTH UNITES MANY WORLDS. By conceiving the earth as an expanded and united art territory, the artists created in close collaboration with Peter Weibel this 5 words message and spread the words of the message on 5 roofs of 5 institutions on 5 continents, in Europe, Africa, Asia, Oceania and America in 2015.