Diallo, Katja, Dordrecht

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Director and curator Noordkaap Foundation

Noordkaap Foundation is an artist-run organisation based in Dordrecht, the Netherlands, that aims to respond to current issues in society through art programming and artistic strategies. One of Noordkaap’s assets is the daring way in which it connects both regular as well as unexpected audiences to various expressions of contemporary art: conceptual, performance, interventionist, and socially engaged art projects. Noordkaap is bold, seductive, and highly critically reflective.


Instaled: 06-09-2012
Location | GPS: LXFactory, Lisbon, Portugal, 38.7028325-9.1785145
Curator: Noordkaap Foundation
Author: José Eduardo Agualusa
Roof Size | Font Size: 900qm | 6m x 70m
On Air:

RW.18 I’M
Instaled: 21-06-2011
Location | GPS:  Container, WhiteBOX, München/Germany | 48.124957,11.605728
Curator: Noordkaap Foundation
Roof Size | Font Size:  88,8qm | 6m x 14,8m
On Air: –