Hsinchu City Zoo, Taiwan

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REMOTEWORDS marks the roof of the Hsinchu City Zoo with ANIMAL FARM, a direct reference to George Orwell’s famous novel and its bleak view of humanity. From today’s perspective, the animals indeed have rebelled against the human farmer and the human trader through deadly viruses.

In the words of primatologist Jane Goodall “humanity is nearing its end if it does not change after the current pandemic. We have only ourselves to blame, because we are totally disrespectful to wild and farm animals”. The message is that—for the sake of the planet and the health of our children—we must act as a global community of protectors and guardians, not as producers and consumers.

Installed | Location | GPS: 27-06-2020 | Hsinchu City Zoo, Taiwan | 24.800199, 120.979946
Author | Words | Curator: REMOTEWORDS (George Orwell) | ANIMAL FARM | Annie Ivanova
Roof Size | Font Size: 600 qm | 17,64 m x 2,10 m
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YOU ARE ME-banner-01

The exhibition “YOU ARE ME, Mapping New Geographies”, curated by Annie Ivanova, is a reflection on the current time. It deals with the “new geography“ of our socially distanced and yet globally united humanity. The exhibition presents artworks that question social “constructs“ of race, personal space and borderlines. It also introduces current trends influencing artistic processes.
In the exhibition “YOU ARE ME, Mapping New Geographies” at Hsinchu Art Museum, REMOTEWORDS presents a photographic and videographic documentation of the global art project ONE EARTH UNITES MANY WORLDS. By conceiving the earth as an expanded and united art territory, the artists created in close collaboration with Peter Weibel this 5 words message and spread the words of the message on 5 roofs of 5 institutions on 5 continents, in Europe, Africa, Asia, Oceania and America in 2015.


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