Home Base, Koeln

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The roof of the “REMOTEWORDS – home base” located at Joseph Stelzmann Strasse 5 in Cologne has been marked. “Start” not only means the beginning of the project. From this point the „virtual tour via Google Earth“ will start in the future. The logo – here still with an “n” for net will be replaces in chronological order numbers with the following activities.

Installed | Location | GPS: 04-18-2008 | Home Base, Köln, Germany | 50.9229581,6.9212117
Roof Size | Font Size: 11,4qm | 3,8m x 3m
On Air: Google maps 2014





REMOTEWORDS: I give a short description of the situation here: We are standing on a small roof and see a red dot, sizing about 1,5 meters in diameter. Right below the word “START” can be seen in a letter size about 75 cm high. What is it all about?

REMOTEWORDS: A very small roof indeed but big enough for our purpose. Our logo symbolized the planet earth surrounded by a satellite, screenings it’s surface. The satellite you see here is an “n” and stands for net. REMOTEWORDS is a communication network. The “n” will be replaced on the next location by “1”.
This is the beginning of a numbering starting as soon as our first statement will be placed. The word “START” does not only announce the beginning of the project. From this point the “virtual tour via Google Earth” will start in the future. Our home base is the “Cape Canaveral” for virtual globe hoppers who are not only interested in the aerial views of the planet but also in literal or artistic statements and political messages.

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