Zeppelin Museum, Bodensee

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Die Welt von oben – Die Vogelperspektive in der Kunst

11/10/2013 – 12/01/2014


REMOTEWORDS is part of the Exhibition: “Die Welt on oben“ at Zeppelin Museum Friedrichshafen.

 For the exhibition the concept of REMOTEWORDS is being expanded into a virtual game: a large-scale satellite picture of the exhibition premises invites each visitor to cover one roof with a message.

Remotecontrolled drones will fly over the 8,5 x 8 m walk-around satellite picture. The pilotless aircraft is equipped with a CCTV system that relays images of the area below onto a projection wall. The live image is practically indistinguishable from a real flyover-video of Friedrichshafen.