Madiha Sebbani, Marrakesch

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Madiha Sebbani

Madiha Sebbani was born in Morocco/ Sale city (10/11/1991) where she spent her childhood. Her artistic journey began after she has hot her high school degree in ART. After having left ISADAC in RABAT, madiha decided to continue her studies at INBA in Tetouan where she actually graduated (JUNE 2015). As for her work, this artist loves experimentation as she combines different plastic forms and techniques. Sometimes, it is sense that comes as a form or even more it’s just about giving form to that sense which is embodied in installations, paintings, photographs / videos, and happenings or performances.  The richness of artistic techniques and mediums generates a flexibility of material and experience, the thing that diversifies the visual of an artist and forges his artistic maturity. From her daily observations, she tries to raise a challenge whenever she feels it’s needed, be it related to herself or to her surroundings. Because, for such a creative artist, asking good questions lights up the flame of a great need of creation. As evidence, her work on her identity through self-portraits, the earth’s energy through sculptures of wood, iron, and ceramic, the energy of a shaft recovered from scrap which represents is a story of life and death … etc


RW.35 | مصصر الفن

Installed | Location | GPS: 21-10-2017 | Institut National des Beaux-Arts de Tétouan /  Marokko | 35.5712003,-5.3840085
Author | Words | Curator: REMOTEWORDS | مصصر الفن | Jochen Heufelder
Roof Size | Font Size: 589 qm | 31 m x 19 m
On Air: –