KuKuK e.V., Aachen/Raeren

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Art and Culture in the “Köpfchen”

Grenzkunstroute011 International Land Art Festival in the Belgian-German Border Landscape


The Belgian border pavillion at the transit between Aachen/D und Raeren/B is the location for the KuKuK and is`s art events since 2000. The KuKuK is the only still existing customs house from the 1950s. The customs house was saved from demolition and kept it`s historic mark as room for art and culture: as entrée to the neighbor, as mediator between the cultures as a modell for encounter at european inland borders. KuKuK is inviting for revival of the cross border and the location is offering the needed inspiration. Many thousand people visited the events at the KuKuK during the last years.


Installed: 19-06-2011
Location | GPS: KuKuK e.V., between Aachen/D and Raeren/B, Belgium/Germany | 50.723746,6.089776
Curator: Benjamin Fleig
Roof Size | Font Size:  476qm | 8,5m x 30,5m
On Air: Apple Maps 4-2013