Koepnick, Andreas, Muenster

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Prof. Andreas Koepnick, Münster


Installed: 13-03-2014
Location: Wewerka Pavillon, Kunstakademie Münster, Germany | 51.9523927,7.6028609
Author: REMOTEWORDS and student
Roof Size | Font Size: 4,255m x 18m
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REMOTEWORDS was the “Guest Artist 2014” at Wewerka Pavillon Münster. The message for Wewerka has been developed with the students of “Kunstakademie Münster”.

The title refers to the pavilion and its location on the Aasee (Lake Aa) and expresses the relationship of the students to the exhibition site they themselves have used.

IRRITANT indicates a feeling of pique and can be interpreted in a positive as well as negative sense.

Another meaning of the word is irritating. Thus IRRITANT stands here in its double sense: on the one hand as a stimulation to a (provocative) discourse, on the other, as an ambivalence between art and the general public. The Wewerka Pavilion, as an exhibition hall of the Art Academy and a site for public art, is like a alien element in the landscape of the local recreational area of Lake Aa’s park, in its ability to confront the general public with art.

At the exhibition opening, a radio-controlled video drone flew over the pavilion to transmit pictures live that show a view of the roof, otherwise inaccessible to us. In other words, the drone symbolically anticipates the act that soon the observation satellites of Google Earth, Apple Maps, etc., will take over.