Cabaret Voltaire, Zuerich

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Cabaret Voltaire is the birthplace of Dada.  We are positioning Dada with its historical and cultural heritage as the central point of departure and perceive Dada as a vision of the past, a guiding star. Cabaret Voltaire distinguishes itself as a Centre of cultural competence and cultural heritage. It is an important organization for philosophical and artistic engagement with the historic Dada movement.

Cabaret Voltaire became a safe haven to Dadaists at the time, bearing connotations to a delivery room, safe, warm and clean. It is a place where one can be oneself. Therefore, Cabaret Voltaire is to this day, still perceived as a place where one can be oneself. Here we would like to explore the questions which preoccupied the Dadaists at the time and are still to this day relevant or have emerged again as an interesting ground for current debates.

RW.33 DA!

Installed | Location: 28-08-2016 | Cabaret Voltaire, Spiegelgasse 1, Zürich, Switzerland
Author | Words: REMOTEWORDS | DA!
Roof Size | Font Size: 24 qm | 4,5 m x 2,5 m
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