Klug, Alexander | Assistant

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Alexander Klug
Video- and Soundartist

Alexander Klug studied fine art (time-related media) at the HfbK Hamburg (under Jeanne Faust, Felix Kubin and Thomas Görne). Ever since school, he has worked as an assistant for various artists, such as Thomas Kohl and Karin Sander.
His artistic work ranges from cinematographic video works, abstract sound and music pieces / compositions, performances and installations to photography and sculptural objects.
Since 2017 he works as a freelance artist in Cologne, where he lives and works.
Since 2018 he studies at the Academy of Media Arts in Cologne, Germany where he is developing his diploma project.
At Remotewords, he is primarily responsible for documentary filming of installations and Artworks, artist talks and interviews as well as social media content.